Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG offers comprehensive solutions for industrial marking technology and the printing industry. For more than six decades, Leibinger has been on the cutting edge of developing industrial labeling and packaging equipment. With a line of line of equipment ranging from traditional numbering machines to state of the art continuous inkjet printers, Leibinger labeling machines can be found in plants and factories in more than one-hundred-fifty countries throughout the world.

Continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) are used in industrial fields to label, mark and code products. You will find our continuous and industrial inkjet printers in various applications which include coding cables, printing expiration and best-before dates on packages, and marking lot numbers on extrusion and automotive parts.

Small character inkjet printers make it possible to imprint products on the production line without having to touch them. The ink is electrostatically charged and then transferred to the product through the air by means of a deflection electrode. The automated Sealtronic nozzle seal used in all Leibinger CIJ printers guarantees the greatest possible level of efficiency for our customers and even their most demanding production processes.

In 1996, industrial inkjet printers became a staple of Leibinger’s product line. This helped Leibinger make a unique name for itself in all divisions and achieve even greater success.

Packaging Systems Integration is proud to offer Leibinger’s highest quality continuous inkjet printers which continue to demonstrate their flexibility, high-degree of reliability, and user friendliness in a variety of challenging applications time and time again.

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