Markoprint USA industrial inkjet coders are generally available in 1/2-inch increments of print. This applies to both HP and Funai based coders. These coders are very popular with packaging managers because of their versatility.

The X1Jet HP and iJet have on-board controllers, so an external controller is not required. These units have a small footprint and therefore can be installed on a wide range of packaging machinery or line conveyors. Integration of X1Jet and iJet are easily installed on high-speed feeders, form fill seal machines, egg cartoning lines, plastic web rolls, labelers and much more.

When more than one ½-inch print swath is required, the X4Jet Plus is a good option. This controller can operate with multiple ½-inch printers to create larger areas of print as required. The coders can be stacked together or placed separately on the line to code different portions of the box or packaging.

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