Label-Aire 6115 With Orienting Wrap

Item: 6115orientingwrap

The Challenge

A regional manufacturer of feminine hygiene products needed to accurately wrap apply a decorative label to a cylindrical product at speeds up to 35 containers per minute. However, there was a catch. The cylindrical container required a combination primary and tamper-evident label to be applied on a spot relative to a specific location on the container’s pump cap. As the products are fed randomly, the labeling system must orient the products prior to the label application. These specific needs could not be met using their current labeling system from a competing manufacturer.

The Solution

Label-Aire’s solution was to configure its versatile Inline Series 6000 labeling system with the reliable 3115 Wipe-On applicator and a custom product orienting wrap system. The result was the Model 6115 With Orienting Wrap labeling system which easily and accurately applies clear decorative tamper-evident labels at the same location on the customer’s cylindrical pump bottle. As the randomly-fed bottles approach the point of label application, a capture roller holds and spins each bottle in place. A combination of sensors and software determines the precise location of label application ensuring that the label’s tamper-evident portion is placed at the same location of the bottle every time (+/- 1/32″). The 6115 With Orienting Wrap labeling system easily satisfies the customer’s labeling requirements resulting in an attractively-labeled bottle with a security tab placed precisely where the customer wants it.

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