Squid Ink is the premier manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers and high-quality industrial inkjet inks for the packaging and labeling industry. Our Squid Ink industrial inkjet printers and inkjet inks are engineered to provide the most reliable cost-effective solutions to even the most demanding industrial applications.

Squid Ink has utilized a wealth of knowledge and draws on their extensive experience in the inkjet industry to develop a robust fleet of Large Character and Hi-Resolution printing systems. To complement their award winning line of industrial inkjet printers, Squid Ink has worked tirelessly to formulate the most comprehensive line of Hi-Resolution, Piezo, and Large Character ink jet fluids which run cleaner than so called competitive brands at one-fourth the cost. This dedication to innovation and quality is what allows Squid Ink to stand alone as the industry leader in industrial inkjet printers and industrial inkjet inks and supplies.

Packaging Services Integration is proud to offer the full complement of Squid Ink’s product line which includes the afore mentioned inkjet printers,  an expanded line of barcode and batch code printing equipment, as well as superior quality inkjet inks and supplies.