PSI OfficeKnown in the industry for high quality products and system design, Packaging Systems Integration leads the way as one of Label-Aire’s most respected distributors.

Packaging Systems Integration maintains its competitive edge by leveraging its 44 years of industry experience. This experience is identified not only by depth, but by breadth, including many years of engineering, system design, and sales experience. Packaging Systems Integration understand its customers’ needs from all angles and PSI’s understanding of the industry allows for the development of the most reliable, cost efficient, and creative solutions.

Packaging Systems Integration has three distinct lines of business: systems design and consultation, systems distribution, and label distribution. PSI prides itself on being able to solve the most complex customer needs with creativity, while maintaining its highest value: quality. Its ability customize products and solutions sets it apart from many of its competitors.

We welcome you to begin the systems design and implementation process now. Our approach is straightforward. We start by understanding the business you are in, your unique needs, and specific concerns. We will ask pertinent questions about your current system and process and begin with a consultation regarding your unique solutions. We then will design products to support these solutions and begin the implementation process. Lastly, we will provide ongoing support of these products and solutions until you see the results that you have anticipated.