Packaging Services Integration:  One of the top Distributors for Shrink Sleeve Labelers and Shrink Tunnels by AFM.

American Film & Machinery (formerly known as NAFM) is an industry leading manufacturer of heavy-duty shrink sleeve labeling equipment, shrink tunnels, and shrink sleeve supplies. AFM’s shrink sleeve labeling equipment includes a complete line of shrink sleeve labelers, tamper evident banding equipment, steam tunnels, electric tunnels and infrared tunnels. The versatile industrial labelers range in performance from 50 to 600 units per minute, offering a product and price point for all ranges of application demands.

AFM has a long history of excellence. In fact, it was over fifty-seven years ago that this innovative company unveiled its first generation of rotary shrink sleeve labelers. Since that time AFM has lead the industry in their commitment to high level research and development; constant innovation; and the use of the latest technology in their entire line of shrink sleeve labeling equipment. This persistent pursuit of excellence has allowed AFM to evolve far beyond their humble beginnings as a manufacturer of specialty labeling equipment.

Shrink Sleeve Labelers

The AFM line of Shrink Sleeve Labelers are engineered and manufactured as heavy duty, servo driven, microprocessor controlled, mandrel type labeling machines for Shrink Labeling, Tamper Evident Packaging and Neck Banding applications. These labeling machines provide for easy installation and start-up with the most consistent, accurate and reliable operation with multiple price points fitting any budget.

Steam, Electric and Infrared Shrink Tunnels

These world class Steam, Electric and Infrared Shrink Tunnels give the ultimate in flexibility to meet the requirements of any labeling application with multiple zones and multiple adjustable manifolds. Our Steam Heat Tunnels are engineered for precession applications and are capable of directing heat precisely where needed and is the preferred shrink tunnel for the most difficult shrink labeling.

Steam or electric, these extremely versatile shrink tunnels  provide optimal shrink control and deliver high quality finish appearance of PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA labels and neck bands regardless of the containers shape, size or material.

Labels and Tamper Evident Seals

AFM’s Shrink Labels are Engineered utilizing the newest, most advanced, and environmentally friendly PVC, PET and OPS materials to provide economical shrink label solutions to manufacturers, co-packers, distributors, bottlers and fillers.

Packaging Systems Integration is able to pair these new shrink labels with AFM’s extremely successful tamper evident tubing to provide for all of our clients shrink label needs and be a one stop shop for shrink sleeve labeling machines, parts, and label supplies.

PSI has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the packaging and labeling industry. Our team of our highly qualified and experienced people allows us to be a dynamic partner and resource for our customers in creating a synchronous fusion of shrink sleeve labelers, heat shrink tunnels, full body labels, tamper evident seals and contract labeling and packaging services.