Label-Aire 6114 Loose Loop Printer Applicator

Item: 6114LLPA

The Challenge

A national supplier of PVC plumbing fittings required a labeling system to print bar code information onto labels and apply them to various PVC fittings. Before hearing about Label-Aire, the company labeled their products by hand. A rugged inline labeling system that could print and apply labels at high speeds was required to get the job done.

The Solution

Label-Aire’s custom solution was to combine its 3114 Tamp-Blow applicator with a table top printer and integrate it with a good conveying system. The result is the 6114 Loose Loop Printer Applicator. By combining Label-Aire’s proven inline conveyor technology with the 3114 and an O.E.M. printer, a speedy, versatile, and reliable custom labeling system was created. The 6114 Loose Loop prints and applies bar code labels at speeds up to 150 pieces per minute. The 6114 was also designed to be easily changed over to label a variety of PVC fitting shapes including products with flat or round surfaces. The 3114 applicator can be rotated at different angles to do side as well as top labeling. The labeling system’s secondary powered roller device ensures that labels adhere to even the most oddly shaped fittings. The 3114’s label placement accuracy is +/- 1/32″ (.8 mm) and features a stepper motor drive for increased reliability and lower maintenance.

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