The new Label-Aire Model 3135 wipe-on labeler applies pressure-sensitive labels at high speeds of up to 3,500 inches (8,890 cm) of web per minute.
Even at the highest speed, the labeler’s advanced Automatic Speed Following (ASF) feature automatically matches its speed to varying product input speed to ensure accurate labeling within 1/64 inch (0.4 mm). The 3135’s increased line speeds means increased productivity and lower operation costs.

Like the rest of Label-Aire’s New Generation line, the Model 3135 was designed to be operator-friendly as well as productive, providing it with such advanced features as automatic label setup, zero downtime labeling and a large R3 digital controller display that is easily readable, rotates for operator viewing from any position, and can be set up for remote viewing.

Automatic labeling setup enables operators to preprogram Model 3135 for multiple label sizes and configurations for quick production changeover. The R3 digital display offers five user-selectable languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian) as well as the choice of domestic or CE (European) configurations and standard or metric units, equipping the new labeler for global use.

The Model 3135 requires a small footprint, making it convenient to install into existing lines. The new 3135 is also backed by Label-Aire’s New Generation Limited Two Year Warranty. For more information, go to Label-Aire or call (714) 441-0700.

Label-Aire’s line of labelers and accessories are designed to make even the toughest applications easy. For lower operating costs and increased productivity, specify a Label-Aire.