Label-Aire Hugger Belt System

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The Challenge

A large chocolate manufacturer required a system to apply pressure sensitive labels to the bottom of five different sizes of filled and closed candy packages at speeds up to 60 products per minute.

The Solution

Label-Aire designed a product handling system utilizing custom dual, thin line side hugger belts to open and close in width to accommodate various shrink wrapped trays. Using our Model 3115 mounted bottom up, products are hand loaded onto a 3″ (91 cm) long in-feed conveyor which deliver aligned products to the hugger belts before the 3115 applies the 3″ (76 mm) wide by 5″ (127 mm) long, clear film label. All hardware and labeler are mounted on a welded and painted carbon steel mainframe with locking casters for ease of mobility.

The total length of the system is 5′ (152 cm). The placement accuracy of the labels is +/- 1/32″ (0.8 mm).

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