Label-Aire Inline 6000 Wrap (Oblong & Round)

Item: IL6000Oblong

The Challenge

A Canadian producer of natural personal care products needed a single labeling system that could wrap apply decorative labels to both their oblong-shaped deodorant stick containers and to their round lotion bottles. Increased throughput, accurate label application, and quick change-overs from one container to another were specific needs that could not be met with their current labeling set up.

The Solution

Label-Aire’s solution was to configure its versatile Inline Series 6000 labeling system with the reliable 3115 Wipe-On applicator and a selection of available options to make the quick change from round to oblong containers (and vice-versa) possible. The result was the Inline 6000 Wrap Labeling System. For round containers, the 6000’s wrap belt spins the moving bottles several times against a padded pressure plate after the point of application, ensuring accurate and wrinkle-free labels every time. After a quick change-over, the oblong-shaped containers must first pass through the 6000’s chain aligner. A top trap holds the product in place while the leading edge of the label is applied to a specific spot on the container. Again, the wrap belt spins the moving containers against a padded pressure plate making several revolutions. By utilizing the Inline 6000’s inherent versatility, Label-Aire was able to provide the customer with a simple and cost-effective solution.

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