Label-Aire Inline Series 6000-N

Item: 6000-N

The Label-Aire® Inline Series 6000-N labeling system is designed to be very easy to configure while also making labeling easier and faster… making you more profitable.

The Inline Series 6000-N’s long list of optional features allows you to easily build a system to meet your specific labeling requirements. Need a simple wrap conveyor system? Or instead, a high-speed front/back system with dual feedscrews and a top trap hold down? With the Inline Series 6000-N, you can have it your way.

The versatile Inline Series 6000-N is an open stainlees steel frame labeling system that can be outfitted with Label-Aire’s full range of “NV” Generation 3100 Series applicators (wipe-on, air-blow, or tamp-blow) and features a Delrin chain conveyor in a variety of lengths and widths to fit your needs.

The 6000-N’s options include speeds up to 2,000 inches (5,080 cm) per minute with the standard Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), user-friendly digital controls, top hold down, single or dual feedscrews with soft start, powered or non-powered impressors for secondary wipe down, metering wheel to aid in product separation, rotating control panel for 315° movement, chain aligner, squeegee wipe-downs, and wrap belt.

Put the latest in modular labeling technology to work for you all day, every day. The Inline Series 6000-N is built to meticulous quality standards and designed to meet your most difficult labeling requirements.

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