The NEW Label-Aire® Model 3015-ND Wipe-On Label Applicator and 3138-NV Printer Applicator are the newest additions to the company’s line of advanced pressure-sensitive label applicators and printer applicators.
3138-NV Printer Applicator

The NEW 3138-NV (top photo) is Label-Aire’s most advanced printer applicator, making it the ideal choice for your most demanding applications. Its state-of-the-art features are now available at a lower cost. The 3138-NV’s new features consist of a new split cover for easier access, easier tamp assembly field kit installation, a redesigned electronics tray for top access, a new pneumatic panel for easy component replacement, 1″-10″ (25.4 mm-254 mm) adjustable tamp assembly with stainless steel rods and locking collars, ambidextrous parts–unit can be reassembled in opposite hand configuration, and the 3138-NV is RFID configurable. Options include a 17″ (432 mm) powered unwind, label on pad detection, Air-Blow labeling conversion, 90° swing tamp configuration, and Dual Action Tamp (DAT) configuration. Consult factory for additional options. Like all Label-Aire printer applicators, the 3138-NV is compatible with most O.E.M. printers.

3015-ND Wipe-On Label Applicator

The NEW 3015-ND Wipe-On Label Applicator (bottom photo) is designed for simple wipe-on labeling applications for all markets. Underneath the 3015-ND is an advanced labeler that comes with many standard features making it an exceptional value. Not only can the 3015-ND be easily converted to left- or right-hand use, it can also apply labels to the top, side, or bottom of products at a dispense speed of up to 1,000″ (25 m) of web per minute with a label dispense accuracy of up to +/- 1/32″ (.8 mm). The 3015-ND’s standard features include a 4″ or 6″ (101.6 mm or 152.4 mm) configuration, stepper motor drive for precise starting/stopping, automatic speed following (ASF) for increased label placement accuracy, and microprocessor technology for reliable operation. Options include a 6″ (152 mm) label core adapter, an encoder kit for automatic speed following (ASF), and a clear label sensor upgrade. Consult factory for additional options.