Craft Brewer Defined:

An American craft brewer is small, independent and traditional.

Beer Wrap Defined:

An original beer can label for craft brewers.

Inline Series 5100 Beer Wrap System Defined:

The New Label-Aire® Inline 5100 labeling system designed to offer craft brewers advanced features while also making your craft beer can labeling easier, faster, and more affordable … making your brewery more profitable.

The advanced Inline 5100 is a rugged stainless steel cabinet based (including frame and side plates) labeling system. The Inline 5100 also has a smooth-running Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) conveyor which improves label placement accuracy.  This system includes the following thin film upgrades specifically for Brew Wrap material:

  • Custom durometer wrap belt and back plate. This is to help get the air out from under the label and provide a no label look.
  • Back tension assembly at the peel tip and additional assembly back towards unwind. This forces the thin label to separate from the liner as it goes around the peel tip
  • Anti-static assembly to eliminate static as labels separate from liner
  • Leuze Clear label sensor – for accurate sensing of transparent labels
  • Air assist assembly – This keeps the label against the wrap belt as it dispenses and is only on during the label feed
  • Mat top conveyor chain – this helps keep the cans from tilting and the label from skewing as it is applied
  • Powered rewind – allows for easy removal of liner and increases speed of applicator

For added convenience, this model automatically spaces your products and has a user-friendly operator interface. All these features mean the Inline 5100 easily adapts to your growing needs. Designed for reliable full wrap labeling at medium to high speeds, high-volume, multi-shift operations, the tough and advanced Inline 5100 Brew Wrap delivers.

Packaging Systems Integration is ready to provide you with a reliable, cost-efficient and creative solution to your next Craft Beer labeling project.