A leading supplier of metal and plastic closures for the food and beverage industry was needing to transform a slow, old cap labeling system into a highspeed, 600 ppm cap labeling system using their existing capper conveyor and a new Label-Aire Model 3125-2500 Wipe-On Applicator.

The company wanted to increase labeling speeds and production volumes while also being able to vary the speed without having to make major adjustments each time.

PSI received the customer’s non-working conveyor system with a cap feeder and engineered a cap labeling system using a new high-speed Label-Aire Model 3125-2500 4” wide “Wipe-on” labeler.  System upgrades included a new HMI and Vision System with eject capabilities.

Their new cap labeling system with the high-speed Label-Aire 3125-2000 labeler and its Automatic Speed Following provides the company accurately applied labels even through changes in product speed.  The labeling system applies labels to their caps before being placed on the bottles and sealed.

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