In a short period of time, Packaging Systems Integration has become one of Label-Aire’s leading distributors.  Label-Aire has been a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labeling systems, specializing in high-speed applicators operated by integrated microprocessors and digital controls.  Label-Aire provides a full range of pressure-sensitive labelers and inline systems to meet your toughest labeling requirements.

Nearly 50 years ago, Label-Aire introduced a revolutionary new method for applying pressure-sensitive labels. The patented “air-blow” concept provided the packaging industry with labeling machines and a preferred method of label application which eliminates the need for additional product handling.

Their advanced Primary Applicator line of labeling equipment delivers top-notch performance on even the most difficult applications.  Their labeling systems and labeling equipment are loaded with features that make operating labeling systems simple and virtually maintenance-free, like automatic setup, user-friendly control panel & display, stepper motor technology, and Zero Downtime labeling capability.  And it’s all backed by the industry’s most experienced and responsive labeling systems distributor network.

No matter what your application, Label-Aire has the expertise to get the job done right – the first time. With their full line of quality pressure-sensitive labeling machinery, Label-Aire is able to provide the industry’s broadest range of labeling solutions – including primary applicators, print & apply applicators, inline and rotary labeling systems, and RFID labeling solutions. Labeling machines that are easy to use.

As an Authorized Label-Aire Distributor, Packaging Systems Integration alongside Label-Aire have been able to provide companies outstanding sales and service support on their labeling equipment.

For more information about Label-Aire’s Labeling Systems and Equipment, please call 800-609-5192 or email [email protected]