Streamline 5 CIJ Printer

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Packaging Systems Integration can offer you just that with their Streamline 5 CIJ Small Character Printer. 

Squid Ink’s Streamline 5 Continuous Inkjet Small Character Printer can print up to 5 lines of print 1,000 feet per minute on a variety of substrates including porous, non-porous, smooth, textured, curved, concave and more.  This CIJ printer never touches the product therefore eliminating potential damage to packaging or products during the printing process.


What is Unique about this particular CIJ printer?

Unlike any other CIJ printer on the market, the Streamline 5 does not require a built in display screen.  The printer operates with a wireless or wired touchscreen tablet running Squid Ink’s Orion software.  This allows users the option to control their printers on the production floor or network multiple systems from one central location.

Another unique feature is the Streamline’s self-cleaning printhead with CleanJet™ maintenance routine which allows quick and easy automatic start-up and shutdown.  By simply pressing a button, the printer will go through a start-up cycle or flush the system for shutdown.  When routine maintenance is required, the Streamline’s entire ink system can slide out or it can be completely replaced in minutes for annual PM’s.


Advantages of the Streamline 5 CIJ Small Character Printer:

  • Up to 5 lines of small character print
  • High speed printing up to 1,000 feet/minute
  • Good throw distance up to 1.2” from printhead to substrate
  • Prints on many substrates
  • Perfect for harsh environments
  • Wireless connectivity to Windows tablet
  • Automatic start-up & shut-down maximizes uptime
  • Low maintenance features
  • Comprehensive range of inks for a variety of applications
  • Affordable
  • Smaller footprint


The Streamline 5 Small Character CIJ Printer is ideal for expiration dates, barcodes and graphics printing.  If you have an application that includes cardboard boxes, plastic containers, soda cans, pharmaceuticals, cabling or small component marking, the Streamline 5 CIJ Small Character Printing System is your best solution to your coding needs.

PSI’s CIJ Printer Specialist, Todd Gerard recommends the Streamline 5 CIJ Printer to his client’s because of the ease of operation and maintenance. The low cost of ownership and high level of reliability makes this the best option on the market today.

For more information about the Streamline 5, please contact Packaging Systems Integration at 800-609-5192 or email [email protected]

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Streamline 5 CIJ Printer Brochure

Streamline 5 CIJ Small Character Printer

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